Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nature's Calling

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The journey start as early as 10am(act 11,at 10 I only woke up =P) in the morning. I prepared some food for us i.e nasi goreng(i hate my nasi goreng.but love my spagheti,sardin n telur dadar.hehe),ayamas tempura nugget bought night b4 at 12am midnight at Tesco after came back from sunway watching Robin Hood and also sosej.hehe

Nice place,doesn't seem so peaceful though. But still love it!

Yup.Its gonna be only two of us.Me n my beloved fiancé. Original plan is going with Arip n Nana. But since got 'trunk lying across our road' (means:aral melintang) they didn't make it.
Only in the car we decided where to go. Either the one b4 genting or Gabai. Enal said gabai is nearer hence we went there. But b4 Gabai,since I'm quite bored with it coz been there so many times b4, we went to Sg.Congkak. This is our 3rd time trying our luck there to find the waterfall. I dont know if there's really a waterfall there.But I'm quite sure. Then we park our car outside the fence that cost us RM3(Gabai only RM2). We also need to pay RM1 per person at entrance. Luckily we didnt pay coz I think it isnt worth it. hehe.. Then 'unguiltily' we walk till more than 1km hoping there will be a waterfall waiting four us sumwhere. But the road seems never hv the ending. Frustrated,we when back. I swear to my self,I will never go there anymore. The stream from start to end is just an ankle deep.
Then we went to Gabai. There's a lot of people there.(c0z its 12noon.hehe). We climb hundreds stair and found no spot to land. Then we climbed to the 4th tier of the falls where we found small spot. I've never been to that tier b4. It is really beautiful with a large pool and a lot of small fish swimming under our feet. The water level can reach till my neck and it is reaaally chilling where we end up only 3times dipped into the water.hihi..

Looks like he's enjoying the crowd.huhu
We walk down at around 5pm. We took almost one hour just to get out from Hulu Langat. Usually it wont be that jam. Maybe because there's a workshop in fire next to Balai Polis Bt 9 there caused it. Thank God we didn't pass by that road during the 'tong gas' explode. We safely reach home at 7 sumthing maybe. In conclusion, I would really want to come back again next time. I desperately want to climb to the 5th tier of the falls. Saw some people there,but since we brought so many thing, we missed the chance to experience another beauty of God creation there.

hehe..need to mention this:My 1st try Ayam Masak Paprik. Cook last week. Says enal:"sdapnyer tunang b masak.." Recipe from internet k..hihi
*I think I cook very well on my 1st time trying anything.hehe

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